Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I hope you all had a super, wonderful Christmas day :D Apologies for being absent foreverr... again.
My Christmas felt reasonably empty without my brother - in my nineteen years of being in this world, there has only been one Christmas he hasn't been with us, and that was out of his control, so I don't really count it.
Other than being (more than) slightly empty, it was alright. Not the best, I won't lie.
I would swap all the presents in the world for a hug from my big brother...

(You better believe I bought him that t-shirt...)

Emptiness aside... I'm more than grateful for this years presents. As always, I was surprised at how well these people know me.
I mean; Cupcakes, Cats & Stationary?! If that doesn't reflect me I don't know what does.
Begin, photo spam of this years presents! 

In a heartbeat my presents were: Cupcake shaped hand cream; Gold chocolate coins; Three notebooks; Hello Kitty keyring; 200 Cupcakes book; Bob Dylan CD; Kindle (!!)

Also, I got a luck necklace from my mum! (yes, I am wearing a cat print top).

The Presents ~

My niece got me a Hello Kitty keyring (!!). Did I mention she's five and chose it herself?!
She knows me too well already...

Three notebooks from my sister. I couldn't possibly ever have enough stationary.
Stationary makes me happy.

(From my parents)
Possibly the best thing ever. It's hand cream. It smells like cherries... but most of all, it's shaped
like a cupcake (!!).

Also from my parents. A Bob Dylan cd & a book of 200 cupcakes.
You have no idea how good that book is...

P.S - I'm in love with my Kindle. I have to write about that. 

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