Friday, 25 November 2011

Day #3

[A Sketch A Day] - Day #3 / Heart Skulls.

Americans must of thought I was an b!tch yesterday. Spreading so much hate, full of spite and hatred.
Raining on their beautiful thanksgiving parade...
It wasn't purposely done, yesterday just went rapidly downhill & I have a habit of destroying everything in my path.
The end of the day was just as bad as the start - I couldn't sleep, I ended up doing a sh!t sketch of the day at some unholy hour and wrote many spiteful entries into my little golden book.
But it's better off in that book or on here... or pretty much anywhere other than my head.
Writing keeps me sane. 

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving - if you celebrated it - I can only apologize if you got
in my path...

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