Thursday, 24 November 2011

Missing: Inspiration & Imagination.

I think someone stole my jar of inspiration. Because I couldn't find any today.
I'm completely and totally uninspired.
On this uninspired, average Thursday all that I really done was pick up my train tickets from
the station. 
Being uninspired is kind of 'worst case scenario' for me - everything I love doing involves being inspired.
My imagination didn't want to come out to play today either... It's F#!ked off with inspiration, I think.
They're having an unwelcome day off. They're probably hiding in a corner laughing at my stress levels.
That's my view on it, anyway.

P.S - Pixie has taken up guarding the unicorn shorts.
P.P.S - I added an 'About Me' page. I'll make it better in time, but like I said... Uninspired.

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