Thursday, 17 November 2011


Inspiration comes from everywhere. And it doesn't wait until you're ready, it doesn't call you to let you know it's coming round in 5 minutes, you can't prepare yourself. It comes and goes as it pleases. A lot like Pixie.

It enters my head at the strangest points; When I'm washing my hair, when I'm walking down the street and my mum is having a one sided conversation with me because, mentally, I'm writing in my head and trying to make sure it stays there until I find something to write it down on. When I'm listening to a song, when I'm reading... at any point in any way.
Except when there's silence or when I want it to strike; At those points, inspiration hides, probably peeking round a corner just waiting for an awkward moment to jump out at. Like, when I'm washing my hair.

It won't come if I sit in silence, pencil in hand, ready to write. It arrives when it wishes to...
That's why, even if it makes my bag too heavy therefore making my shoulder hurt at the end of the day, The Little Golden Book goes everywhere with me.
Because, you know, I've been there - Inspiration dancing around my head, pulling faces because I don't have anything to capture it with. And then it disappears... In a cloud of glitter, leaving little traces everywhere, but none that you can pick up.

You can't prepare yourself. But you can make sure you're just a little ready to capture it if it happens to arrive at the wrong time. With a pen or pencil, a phone that can keep notes, a piece of paper or notebook... 
A Little Golden Book.

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