Monday, 14 November 2011

Little Red Riding Hood.

There's something enchanting about wearing a hooded red coat and black and white striped tights.
Like a Tim Burton version of little red riding hood or something.

Maybe that's what people view me as round here. Because often, there are looks and I smile
and pretend I don't care what they think. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't change me in any way.
I don't go home and wish everyone adored me, it doesn't make me want to change the way I am or the way I dress.
Dressing like everyone else would be utterly boring.

But there's that one place in my head where I care what people think enough to hide behind
the curtain of my hair and have my eyes looking down at the concrete instead of the clouds.
Even if my head's in the clouds most of the time. My eyes are never looking at them.

I would like that place in my head to be filled with something better, worth while. Something enchanting.
But as long as it's not making me change the way I am, I will wait for it to be filled with the above.
And occasionally attempt to fill it myself.

I think there's another place in my head where I would be overjoyed if people
thought I looked like something Tim Burton created.

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