Sunday, 13 November 2011


I listened to records, the sun was shining brightly through my windows and it formed rainbows on my bed.
I also done three drawings, wrote a 'review', blogged multiple times and went through my entire bloglovin' feed - doesn't happen often.
I guess it was alright for a Sunday.
Obviously, I made mistakes like I often do. I shouldn't of gone on her blog and be disappointed by her... again. It's a bad habit. Just takes one click to go on a site. Only takes a minute to read something you don't want to.
You can't unread it. I can't forget what she wrote like she's forgotten my existence.

Never mind. Isn't that what they always say to me? Never mind.
Oh well. Forget it. Move on.

Three Sunday pictures...


I spy a little golden book...

My Sunday looked a lot like that last photo for most of the day...

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