Monday, 21 November 2011

Little Miss Opposite.

I am backwards & opposite.
When the colder weather arrives, I'm more likely to take those dresses out that hide away in my wardrobe. 
And put jumpers on when everyone else is walking around with the littlest amount of clothes on they can get away with. (I don't find that attractive, just to add.)
I was born in Summer and prefer Winter. I like the cold but don't like being too cold. The sun annoys me as do the obnoxious people that come out in it. Summer is alright... for a day or two.

Put me in a room with a tv, I won't turn it on. I have no use for it.
Put me in a library... happiest girl in the world.
Sometimes I feel like I grew up in a library. With my face in a book while every other child had their faces glued to a tv screen. I just... wasn't interested. I'm still not interested.

Everything has to be handwritten.
Writing me a letter is the best thing you could do for me.
Letters not emails.
A train journey can never be long enough.
I still buy CD's.
I have to sit and listen to music. I can't walk around or it makes me dizzy.
I don't believe in 'not going because my friend isn't'. I'd rather go alone than not at all.
I like to stand in the rain, not sit inside and moan about it or claim I love it but not be willing to prove it.
I stay away from trends and make an effort to make sure I'm not on trend.
I'm happier getting up at 6/7am than midday. I don't like to sleep. I don't like sitting around doing nothing.
I wear heavy make up in summer and low key make up in winter.
I wear boots in summer when everyone else is wearing sandals...

Once upon a time I tried being normal, 
It just wasn't worth it though.

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