Saturday, 19 November 2011

Silence. v2


The laptop was opened just once, briefly, this morning & then it was put away for an overdue rest, the phone was turned off, the door was shut... I spent a few hours sitting in bed reading before going into town.
Silence, my little golden friends. Silence.

I also observed some sounds. I sat on my bed and just... listened.
The weather joined me in being silent. It was so still, not a single leaf dropped to the ground.
There was just a whole lot of sunshine bursting through the windows.
And other than little interruptions such as dogs barking, the hum of electric from my ipod dock and the distant sound of my parents tv downstairs... it was silent.

And my day looked a lot like this:
There's not many pros to not having a desk. But having to sit on the bed is probably one.

Amongst the madness of frantic shoppers and obnoxious teenagers that come out on Saturdays...
There was this...

 Yes, It's a real person.

It can only be described as spectacular.... Or should I say 'She'.

A good few hours of silence balanced things out a little today.
It didn't fix them. Because that's down to me. But it was nice to ignore the world for a few hours
and sit in silence.

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