Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Week in Review - [21/11/11]

The Week in Review
[21/11/11 - 27/11/11]

It's probably completely visible and obvious that I still haven't gained any inspiration...
And it's Sunday, so you know... there's no chance today will be inspiring.
Though, I just realised I have like, two posts I thought I posted but actually saved as drafts instead.
Typically uninspiring Sunday's aside, I've decided to take a look back on the week...

My unicorn obsession reached new heights when I bought unicorn shorts; I bought
pastel (Or as I see it... 'unicorn coloured') nail varnish and my nails were the girliest they've ever been; I dropped my main eyeshadow brush on my bedroom floor and it disappeared into thin air; I bought train tickets for a somewhat unplanned adventure (tomorrow!); The bandana came out of hiding; I done a lot sitting in the centre of my bed reading; I got a new journal... the cutest journal ever; I started doing a sketch a day, but failed a couple of days...

There was excitement, butterflies came to nest in my stomach for a while and there was a lot of downs.
And I made my first decision about the new year.

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