Tuesday, 15 November 2011



I was brave and went out in tights on this cold but extremely sunny November day.
Often, I have unintentionally themed outfits. Yesterday, it was {stripes}...
Today, it was skulls...
Skull related things are just one of the many things I'm subconsciously collecting.
Skulls. Blue things. Records. Jumpers. Tights. Cowboy Boots. 
No wonder my room is always a mess. 

It was an average day, if I'm being honest. I went into town, I gladly didn't freeze to death in my stripy tights.
I didn't buy anything, because nothing is really needed and my room is filled with enough useless items.
I've done a lot of thinking about my room recently. I kind of prefer my previous room, I mean, at least it was painted.  It's been 7 months, that's long enough. 
I guess it's different now though, my dad can hardly stand up by himself for a long length of time let alone do any painting.

It's always been painted for me and then just left, as if that's all that needed to be done. And I've always been pretty content with that.
But things change, I spend more time in my room and treat it like a flat, like it's just me, these days.
Well, me and pixie. We share it.

There's one major difference between my old room and my room now...
There's a huge wardrobe lurking in the corner. I hadn't had a wardrobe for a while until we moved here, we inherited it, so I didn't actually choose it. I'm kind of more content with just... rails, now. I like simple things. But sure, it's useful.
It's white and I love white furniture, so I guess that's a pro to it.
I like to keep my dresses in it. And clothes I no longer really wear. Old, forgotten shoes lay at the bottom along side a ton of bags.
Another pro is that it has a full length mirror in the middle. Something I love having.

I want to gradually change the way the room looks entirely over the next year.
And form it into the picture in my head. If I have to live in it, it may as well look the way I'd like it to.

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