Thursday, 17 November 2011


I'm starting to become visibly tired. I get tired earlier and I should just let it be and go to bed when that happens. But I wait for that routine time to appear on the clock before I bother climbing into bed and closing my eyes, only for them to open again at some absurd time of the morning.
Then I lay awake for hours wondering, thinking about the same things, the same people.

There were some true bright moments of happiness today but like most times, someone leant on the self destruct button, may it be on purpose or by accident, and everything came crashing down and my happiness disappeared instantly in a cloud of thick, black smoke.
Just when you think the storm has calmed down, you peek out your window, make a last decision and bravely step out only to be greeted by a crash of thunder and bolt of lightning inches from your feet.
And you end up locking yourself back up inside those four walls and wait. And wonder if it'll ever
truly be over. 

If emotional scars could be seen, I'd have more than dark circles to be concerned about.

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  1. i used to always lose sleep over thoughts like that. i'm glad now i can actually pass out.