Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Oh Christmas Tree.

I'm covered in glitter and very tired, but that's what I get for staying up 'til 1am.
(The tiredness, not the glitter.)

Usually, as soon as we hit December the Christmas tree goes up, as do the decorations.
But as my parents are going away for a few days tomorrow... here I sit, covered in glitter, having decorated a Christmas tree a little earlier than usual. The baubles were shedding glitter as if they'd just been made.
And glitter spreads like wildfire... but that's fine. Glitter is accepted, especially at Christmas.

The tree looks a lot better than the photo. I promise.

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  1. This is a well decorated tree, is this your photograph?

  2. @Mr. Mcgranor - Thank you. Yeah, it is :)

  3. I hate Glitter mess! but i love Christmas trees and I can't wait for Friday when we are getting ours!

    Mary from

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