Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Skating. Family. Weather.

Morning hair; Morning face.

My eyes are typically tired; I went to bed earlier than usual but it didn't change waking up early this morning.
The sun was shining brightly through my windows which meant it wasn't too early, but my eyes didn't agree.
And my brain probably didn't wake up properly until midday.

I ventured out in my red riding hood coat and red DM's into the month appropriate weather.
It's kind of nice to finally have weather that matches the month. None of this 'half sun, sort of cold' sh!t.
I want to feel the bitter coldness on my little Rudolph nose, it's November!

I gave Eve (My sister) my old coat, she looks wonderful it in. It looks like a completely different coat on her.
Kind of hard to believe it fits me and her. It must look big on me.
We done our little routine of going to town together. Even after everything that's happened, she's the person I laugh the most with. It's nice to know not everyone in this family holds grudges.

We sat and waited for the bus home and she commentated on some skateboarders while I
observed them. They reminded me of my past, well, the good part of it.
They make me want to use the skateboard that's still in my room, the one that my mum conveniently placed on top of the wardrobe, just out of my reach, when she cleaned my room while I was away one time.
I guess, at least she didn't get rid of it. A lot like my guitars, she knows I'll pick it up again one day.
And it'll be there until I do.... so will old skate shoes.

I've been making plans & making lists.
Two of my favourite things. 

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