Tuesday, 29 November 2011

November In Review.

November is to be over very soon, just one more day left; Which means it's even closer to Christmas and even more closer to the new year (!!).
So it's about time I sat back and pondered about December and filled my head with memories of November.

November wasn't the greatest of months this time round. Often, it's pretty good. Autumn, the cold weather is here, close to Christmas and the end of the year... I'm usually pretty excited and happy.
But there were a lot of... moments, I guess, in November that I didn't want to happen. Some that I could've prevented and some that maybe if I thought them through, it wouldn't of hurt as bas as it did.
But I can't undo those things now.

November has the most family birthdays, about 4/5. Including my mum's and my niece's.
My niece turned 5 this month! I've seen her grow up so much this month & I'm so proud of her achievements at school.
She really is incredible.

I made a promise to myself at the start of the year, that I'd travel at least once every month - which is usually not a problem considering the amount of gigs I go to. But I made a promise to myself, just to remember.
There were a lot of ups and downs... and more downs this month which meant I put off all thinking about going anywhere and at points, I just didn't want to go anywhere. So, not until yesterday, did I go somewhere.
I went somewhere familiar and nearby, but it was worth it nonetheless.

Something else to remember about this month is that I started this blog (!!)

Other lovely things that happened this month include:
Re-igniting my unicorn obsession, planning the redecoration of my bedroom, sitting in a park full of 
Autumn leaves & a whole lot of writing.

November was quite boring and uneventful, to be honest.
But above all, it was emotional.

I'm looking forward to December, snow (please) & Christmas, now ♥

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