Friday, 25 November 2011

Santoro Love.

My new journal came in the post this morning - getting post two days in a row = this girl is happy
It's by Santoro and it's called 'The Runaway' so I basically had to buy it...
It's probably the cutest journal I've ever had... and the smallest. But all the better for fitting into my bag. 
I wanted a new journal because there's just some things I'd rather put in a journal than my little golden
book. The little golden book is for my writing. About adventures, musings and things I have to write to
remember. It's personal, there's no denying that. But not 'journal' kind of personal.

It's kind of  nice to have the option now, to write in the journal or the little golden book.
Sigh. Stationary makes me way too happy.

I checked out the website (Note: I didn't buy it from there though) of the company that made
the journal - They have some amazing stuff!
Like a 'cats in bow-ties' collection (!!) - which is basically my two favourite things, put together,
then put on stationary...
You can almost hear my account balance decreasing.

Aside from stationary they also sell bags and canvas art!
I kind of want all the art to put on my walls ♥ 

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