Sunday, 13 November 2011


Like a lot of things in my life, I can't explain why, but I kind of love numbers.
Ironically I suck at using them in an educational sense though.
And there's certain numbers I love the most - The number 13 is my favourite.
But I like 44 & 18 too.

I have no reasons other than the following:
I liked the number 13 long before I was a Taylor Swift fan, but that's just another reason I do.
I tend to think I like the number 13 because no one really does. Because it's 'unlucky'. I don't particularly believe in luck. I see it as the outcast in the world of numbers, so I befriended it.
The number 18.... I remember I always wanted to be 18 and believed it would be the best year of my life.
How naive. But that's exactly how I was back then.
And the number 44, simply, because of a band (Page 44). 

Other than that. There are no reasons. I just like numbers.
I don't consider them lucky or unlucky, they're just numbers that I happen to like a lot.
If I come across a song on itunes I've listened to 12 times, I have to listen to it to make it '13'.
The same applies for songs ending in the number 9. I have to round numbers off.
Oh, and I have to take a photo if I see something with the number 13 on. 

Numbers, aside, It is Sunday. I was completely unaware of this when I woke up at 6:22am this morning
and didn't realise until about 9:30am.
It's always a joy to not realise it's Sunday - my most hated day of the week.
Because, often, I'm stuck pretending it's not Sunday to make the day easier.
Anyway. I took a photo from my window this morning as the sun was rising...

If you look close enough you can see the dirt on my window.

I finally managed to write my 'review' for Deaf Havana's new album and I posted it on my
{music blog} this morning.
Deaf Havana are the only thing I like that's associated with this town...

My only other plans for the day are to listen to records while laying on my bed.
It's a Sunday ritual.

I should probably get on with those animal doodles too...

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