Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Goodnight. [22/11/11/]

I like to write at night.The night is quiet, take away my mothers current cough and my cat pouncing on whatever, and it is perfect.
For writing at least. It makes me want to do 'goodnight' posts.
The best writing I do is done in silence, because my head is clear (well, somewhat) and
there are none of the distracting sounds that happen during the day.
I can think about the day and perfectly construct it into sentences.

Typically, my life is pretty average right now. As ever. It's up to me to change it, I know.
But we won't go into that, because that's a whole new chapter.

It was just a another average day, really. A slight break in routine, involving make up.
I spent almost the entirety of the afternoon listening to Travis... sometimes I have these moments of
just wanting to sit and listen to one artist. That happened today.

I managed to drown the voices, the arguments and everything completely out for the first time
in quite a while earlier this evening. I managed to forget the hurt. And be content.
If only... just for a moment.

I'm content. Not happy. But I'm content.

Tomorrow doesn't have really any plans. 
I'm hoping to buy train tickets for that adventure to a familiar place I was talking about.
November is slipping away. And I have promises to fulfil.

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