Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Slept in my make up last night; I do this too often. Little did I know I had no form of
make up remover left, until this morning... but fine.
I spent half my morning - when I say half, I mean 'entire' - in yesterdays make up
that was probably rubbed various times by my hands during the night, making it a little worse.
Obviously, this doesn't really matter. The only part of me that makes it matter is that feeling I get when I've done my make up in the morning. It's like war paint to me... once it's applied, I'm ready for the day. 
That's the end of preparing for my day: Wake up > Breakfast > Make up.
So I had to spend the morning feeling somewhat empty and out of place.
I washed my hair and waited for my mother to come back and save the day.
Normal terms: 'come back with face wipes' 
It's a rarity, but I didn't put eyeliner on today. Just mascara & bronze eyeshadow.

For some reason, I seem to have this desire to take photos before I've dried my hair...

Yesterday's make up; Wet hair.

The dried untameable mane.

I've been inspired to take up a sketch a day, again.
We start, today, with a Robin.
I'm fond of them and the little burst of colour on their chests.
I f#!ked up the feet and it's a little misshapen... But there it is, sitting on the first page of
my newest sketch pad.

And you get to see my horrific handwriting too...

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  1. I love your eyes and your hair.. oh, and i love the bird drawing! :D

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