Sunday, 13 November 2011

Six Twenty Two.

There's nothing quite like waking up at 6:22am and deciding you'll do some writing....
Then searching around your room for a pen or pencil and not finding one. At 6:22am.

I think I left all my pencils downstairs last night, with my sketch book.
Speaking of sketch books, I left it downstairs the day before and it turns out my mum decided to look through it. She told me this last night when I asked if she'd seen my drawing of a lion. I'm not annoyed at all, just kind of shocked. I never imagined she'd do that. She's not that kind of mum. She's not any 'kind' of mum really.
She has her own 'mum' rules I think. I'm glad about that, otherwise if she was an average mum, my family would probably be even more dysfunctional that it already is.

It's pitch black outside, a sign I should be sleeping. It's gradually getting lighter which means if I'd just gone back to sleep at 6:22am instead of spending 15 minutes looking for a pencil I'd of got some sleep before it got too light for me to feel okay about sleeping.
If that makes sense.

I woke up with 'Cruel Cruel' by Automatic Loveletter in my head this morning - kind of strange considering out of all the songs by Automatic Loveletter I listen to, I've listened to that the least.
I always wake up with a maximum of three songs in my head in the morning...
I'm gonna listen to that song, perhaps try to go to sleep, though it's approaching 7am which is a time I frequently wake up at.
So maybe I'll just lay and listen to music until it reaches an appropriate time to get out of bed.

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  1. sometimes i feel like that in the morning as well. thanks for dropping by!