Wednesday, 16 November 2011

{The Little Golden Book}: 16/11/11

From The Little Golden Book - 16/11/11

Sitting in my room, looking around, mentally placing things and moving things around.
Visioning shelves with lots of jars of little things I like to keep safe and little schleich animals on.
White walls with Polaroids and train tickets on. And artwork in pretty frames.
A dressing table to home my ever growing collection of nail varnishes and make up. A little mirror in the center and a chair (or stool) so I can sit and do my make up in the mornings.
A desk on the opposite side of the room. A little vintage chair to sit on to do my writing.
A little, but strong enough, table to put my record player on, in front of boxes of records. Some shelves above it for CD's.
A bigger bookcase or just more shelves so I can see my books. A stand for my guitar so I can also see it, enough maybe for me to want to play it.

Some more rails. I would get rid of that wardrobe if it was simple. But it doesn't bother me that much.
I do want to get rid and replace a few things though. Like beside tables, they're bulky and... ugly. 
I don't want them.
And my bed. It was one of many things bought because it was needed not because I like it. I didn't choose it, so in time, it will be replaced.

I want to get lots of shelves and storage so things can stay off the floor more often.

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